This is what gets us up in the morning! We love nothing more than hearing those words “I am so much better”. At CCH, our exciting record of fabulous patient outcomes is a source of great pride to us. Our track record is very strong, especially with those tough cases who have already “tried everything else”. The greater the challenge, the greater the triumph!


    Is both listening and talking. We are here to understand how your problem affects you, the challenges you face and what you would ultimately like to achieve by seeing us. If you are to take charge of your own care, you first need to understand the problem and this is where we do the talking.

    If sharing care with a broader health care team, we are happy to communicate with any other person involved in your care at your request.


    An oft forgotten part of health care. At CCH we recognise that you are the customer and we aim to provide you with excellent service through all parts of our practice - client-based management, efficient friendly reception and focussed empathic clinical staff.

Clinical Outcomes • Communication • Customer Service


Welcome to Control Centre Health (CCH). Our goal is to provide individualised and effective physiotherapy solutions in an open, honest and positive environment. Our client care is based on the philosophy that you are the head of your own health care team, you are in control, and we are here to help you in any way we can.

We believe effective health care must be based on a full understanding of your problem, thorough physical assessment, individualised and specific management strategies. Educating you about your body is also an important step in empowering you to effectively self-manage.

New clients often tell us how different we are. We aim to exceed your expectations too.